Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bow & Dj Jus :)

So im watching them live on ustream and i said what the heck PRINT SCREEN them :)
They are a damn mess.!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Text Message..

This is what i do on that phone everyday. Since my dad added my mother & brother to the family plan i can't really use my mins now i have to TEXT so thats what i do all day is text message [ha i got an text now] ugh just my homegirl sending me a random ass picture of a nigga. Any way but yeah thats my phone and that what i do son son :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember that time..

When you thought you had that good man?
You thought your bestfriend was really you friend?
When you thought you were depressed and you didn't know why?
When you & your boyfriend had sex and he didn't wrap up because all were in the "moment"?

Every chance you get to think about these questions you never
get an straight answer. It's always excuse, or a block from you
expressing how you feel about your self or anymone else. Well,
what brings me to this is that i read people blogs and females
always express their self over little things. Not having a boyfriends,
or Not having your family support you on something you want to do. Sometimes
you have to stop everything you are doing and have some me time. Don't worry
what people may think of you, or may say about you. You are only human, and humans
make alot of mistakes. Examples:

Chris brown & rihanna
Steve Mcnair & his girlfriend
Nas & Kelis
Lil wayne , Lauran london & Nieva

The list can go on. Just relax and just think about you for a change.

Hey still sexy.!

Damn romeoo :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tyler Perry New Movie "I can do bad all by myself"

Yessss he then done it again all.! Im def going to see this at the movies !

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown Apologizing To Rihanna

Wow. I forgive you chris. Every body makes mistakes yours was big but i forgive because you as a man knew what you did and you doing what you have to do to clear your name in the future. love you chris! I know rihanna better accpet it.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ciara New Look

I like! Even though her head is a lil big. But its different. :)

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart campaign Pictures, Images and Photos


Has the latest fashion for plus woman. I shop there and i love her clothes. Im glad there's a store for plus size females because it give us a chance to let these skinny heffa's know we got style as well..:)

Jerk Remix feat Romeo

Romeo Freestyling at 3am...who called him a Jerk??? Hmmmmmm lol

Friday, July 17, 2009

Blog babies! What all doing today?! Oh me im just going to chill its about to be a raining day in baltimore!

Im Official <3

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A day with DAWN & QUE.




Those two are so cute together.


OKay today was aight day. Well i chilled in the house all day nothing worng with that. I have an suit case now which my aunt let me borrow for 2weeks while im at my cuzzins house. Umm my homegirl leaving me tonight ! She moving to flordia im so going to miss her so much. But i told her i'm only one phone call away and if she have any problems tell them trick where she from lmaoo. OH yeah i changed my page again! I think this may stay like this for awhile because everytime i change it my things on the side always gets deleted so im not fooling with this ish again. So im going to find some latest gossip and post it now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

K Swift Water Safety Pt 1

Lmao at porkchop. But i think this is a good thing they doing. This was at patterson pool over east baltimore. Im waiting for part 2 now :)

Okay blog! My tummy really hurts bad! Ate to much today and plus i drunk some diet green ice tea! And you know green tea cleans you out! So you should know the rest from there! Like this bathroom is becoming my friend right about now! Omg help before i kill the BATHROOM!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Omg im sitting here watching the wayne brothers. They so funny but its a repeat lol. They need to come back out again! I miss them and marlon sexy! Oh yes. Hey i love mobile blogging!

A text for my mobile blogging

Bowwow "Break it down"

When did shad g. moss start talking about his penis? mmhmm okay; i need to have proof your **** game is on point. GNR like he would say..

I will RAPE him :)

Romeo getting dressed in his hotel room in san diego (spelled that wrong) but he need an hair cut :(

Friday, July 10, 2009

Topics of the past week.

I have been writing on topics on this message board. And i totally forgot i blog so i might as well just share my thoughts with my followers.


One day you won't wake up. The next day you won't realize that you are still not awake but your body is in movement. Fear no evil of the good times and bad times that you may have shared with a friend or loved one. You are alone when you are sleep because you only see darkness. You dream while sleep; it's your thoughts and no one could stop it from happening. Might say it don't might since right? Who care its just an diary. Day One. Let me know if you ready for Day Two?


Ha. Ha. When you think of soulmate you think of someone you going to be with forever right? Yeah i know BUT think again. Let me tell you; it's one person out there in this world hate seeing you be with someone that makes you happy. So they take matters into their own hands and messes up the relationship. Yeah and of course you going to blame that person? Yeah you can; but you also got to blame the so called soulmate because they fell for the trap and they knew who they belong to. Two wrongs don't make right; just let that person go and be about your mary way. There are plenty of fish and swans in the water that's waiting to be swimmed away. Follow your heart never your mind because sometimes the mind give you the wrong choice.


One morning you wake up. Only thing you see is black. You can't open your eyes; you can't move your body. Your body is very still and stiff. You can hear someone talking over you; but it's very low, very low for you to only hear bits of pieces of the words that are being spoken. You try to move every bone in your body. Your hand; feet; nose; ears; arm; and fingers. But nothing is happening to you. Only thing you can think of is "Am I dead?"


Bitch. What do the word bitch mean to you? From what i know it means "a four legged female dog". Umph when girl's say they a bad bad bitch, they ain't nothing but dogs; just like them triffling ass niggas. I'm not going to front me and my girls call each other bitchs. But sometimes it's how you use the word bitch. Example: when you cussing out your dude? you call him a bitch right? because that nigga acting like a bitch. When you wilding out some girl on the street you call her a bitch, because that's the first word that's on the tip of your tounge right? Yeah i know, i do the same damn thing. But always remember NEVER let a nigga call you bitch, because it's only showing you how damn weak he is and he trying to test you. Don't take the test because you might end up beating his ass into the damn ground.


I'm so damn tired of these people thinking i'm not going to do something if they step to me the wrong way. Have you ever been so tired you just let out a loud scream and everyone turns and look at you funny and wonder why you screaming so damn loud? Well i wouldn't know because i never did it before. Tiredness is what every hard working person say once they hit the house. "Omg i'm so tired" like shit i'm tired too. Just let me rest and leave me the HELL alone.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Chris Brown-Young Love

He could have done better. But he sound good.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Game (Feat. Chris Brown, Diddy, Boys 2 Men, Polow Da Don & Mario Winans) - Better On The Other Side

I like it. They did a really good. R.I.P King of Pop...

Brandy Spits Her Full Rap For "Its My Party"

Oh ISH brandy an RAPPER !

Rye Rye (Feat. M.I.A.) - Bang

Okay rye rye i see you. but the video quality could have been better. and i see she did this down the DOXS lls.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Awww. Lauran London

Our sources have confirmed that Lauren London is expecting a boy:

She’s expecting a boy! She’s gained a little weight, but she’s basically just a stomach. She has a really pretty glow too. I spotted her at the salon.

Another boy…Weezy’s well on his way to rivaling the dude that has 29 kids. Damn.

MY SOURCE: www.bossip.com :)


OhNine is reallyy becoming the worest year by far. Like dang everybody dyingg. Whats up with that. You can't even go outside on your step without someone getting killed infront of your eyes. I never had that experience and i don't plan to see it either. This past week in baltimore a child by the age of 5 years old was shot in the head. I think she still fighting for her life; and i hope she make it through. Niggas/Females are well need to live for today, because tomorrow is never promise.