Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember that time..

When you thought you had that good man?
You thought your bestfriend was really you friend?
When you thought you were depressed and you didn't know why?
When you & your boyfriend had sex and he didn't wrap up because all were in the "moment"?

Every chance you get to think about these questions you never
get an straight answer. It's always excuse, or a block from you
expressing how you feel about your self or anymone else. Well,
what brings me to this is that i read people blogs and females
always express their self over little things. Not having a boyfriends,
or Not having your family support you on something you want to do. Sometimes
you have to stop everything you are doing and have some me time. Don't worry
what people may think of you, or may say about you. You are only human, and humans
make alot of mistakes. Examples:

Chris brown & rihanna
Steve Mcnair & his girlfriend
Nas & Kelis
Lil wayne , Lauran london & Nieva

The list can go on. Just relax and just think about you for a change.