Friday, July 10, 2009

Topics of the past week.

I have been writing on topics on this message board. And i totally forgot i blog so i might as well just share my thoughts with my followers.


One day you won't wake up. The next day you won't realize that you are still not awake but your body is in movement. Fear no evil of the good times and bad times that you may have shared with a friend or loved one. You are alone when you are sleep because you only see darkness. You dream while sleep; it's your thoughts and no one could stop it from happening. Might say it don't might since right? Who care its just an diary. Day One. Let me know if you ready for Day Two?


Ha. Ha. When you think of soulmate you think of someone you going to be with forever right? Yeah i know BUT think again. Let me tell you; it's one person out there in this world hate seeing you be with someone that makes you happy. So they take matters into their own hands and messes up the relationship. Yeah and of course you going to blame that person? Yeah you can; but you also got to blame the so called soulmate because they fell for the trap and they knew who they belong to. Two wrongs don't make right; just let that person go and be about your mary way. There are plenty of fish and swans in the water that's waiting to be swimmed away. Follow your heart never your mind because sometimes the mind give you the wrong choice.


One morning you wake up. Only thing you see is black. You can't open your eyes; you can't move your body. Your body is very still and stiff. You can hear someone talking over you; but it's very low, very low for you to only hear bits of pieces of the words that are being spoken. You try to move every bone in your body. Your hand; feet; nose; ears; arm; and fingers. But nothing is happening to you. Only thing you can think of is "Am I dead?"


Bitch. What do the word bitch mean to you? From what i know it means "a four legged female dog". Umph when girl's say they a bad bad bitch, they ain't nothing but dogs; just like them triffling ass niggas. I'm not going to front me and my girls call each other bitchs. But sometimes it's how you use the word bitch. Example: when you cussing out your dude? you call him a bitch right? because that nigga acting like a bitch. When you wilding out some girl on the street you call her a bitch, because that's the first word that's on the tip of your tounge right? Yeah i know, i do the same damn thing. But always remember NEVER let a nigga call you bitch, because it's only showing you how damn weak he is and he trying to test you. Don't take the test because you might end up beating his ass into the damn ground.


I'm so damn tired of these people thinking i'm not going to do something if they step to me the wrong way. Have you ever been so tired you just let out a loud scream and everyone turns and look at you funny and wonder why you screaming so damn loud? Well i wouldn't know because i never did it before. Tiredness is what every hard working person say once they hit the house. "Omg i'm so tired" like shit i'm tired too. Just let me rest and leave me the HELL alone.