Saturday, October 17, 2009

I love her.

Okay this is not her only video but i just had to post something of her
her voice is AMAZING please watch her videos.! Her Youtube

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Boyz-Tie Me Down

Me Kind of like it. Rate me please :)

Monday, October 5, 2009


SENIORS 2010 Pictures, Images and Photos

Shorty. Wadduppp?! Peeps, i know some of you like where id this chick at.
I'm following her and NO updates..I know. Sooo as you can see SENIORS baby. and i have been totally busy doing in school things and outside things as well. Busy Busyyy! I barely go out on the weekends. Well i have dance practices after on monday & Thursday ONLY for this month bcuz im in my school PEP RALLY ayee Parkville lol. Anyway i dance at my community rec center, which we working on a dance to show the kids at our center. Ummm what else, I MIGHT HAVE A BOYFRIEND soon.! Gosh i been single for 2 years nowww.! So this could be a good look. && I might have pick him well, well my homegirl i give her the credit.! What else??! Im so hype son.! I don't know why. Oh yeah i have an fall concert coming up for dance so i been working on that at home. So really i been myspacing && FACEBOOKING on my phone most of the time. I only add people i know on facebook. But i do add people on myspace so its have a twitter which you can follow me twitter thing it on the page to the left / right of you lol.! So i hope this update get commentsss..MUCH love and HAIR grease <3