Tuesday, August 18, 2009

.School year

Well im a senior in high school.! FINALLY. i have done
made it to the end. I been through drama, fights, two-faced
friends, cheating ass boyfriends, caring boyfriends. anything
you probably can name i been through. so for my senior year
i plan to keep my head in the books and focus on college. I
put an app in morgan state. All i have to do is file for fin. aid,
get my SATs scores up and get my transcripts :) Wish me luck
i hope i get in.! anyway i have a few things i would to happen.
First a job, makes a's & b's. do my best on my TEST & EXAMS,
stay out of trouble. go to homecoming, perform in homecoming.
do all my dance concerts. go to my senior ball and my senior
prom.. YEAH my school backwards lls. BUT i love it. so below
is a lil of the type of shoes i want to rock :)

Just a few Converses for now.

For the rain :)

For the snow :)

Now as in clothes. IDK i will just buy some cute and comfortable clothes :)